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Selected translated poems of Esdras Parra, Chapbook


A companion work to "To be human once more," my new ebook of translated poetry by Esdras Parra, this print chapbook includes a selection of my translations of Parra's poems and an intro essay to give readers a sense of Parra's life and her work.

Samples of these translations can be read here at my blog.

Each purchase includes US shipping and consists of (1) a physical copy of the chapbook, which I designed, printed, and bound (by hand, with linen thread) myself and (2) an electronic PDF copy of the chapbook. The print chapbook measures about 8 by 5.5 inches and it is 52 pages in length.

Chapbook copies are available at a discounted price for trans women - please contact me at my blog or on twitter (@jamieberrout).

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Selected translated poems of Esdras Parra, Chapbook