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Incomplete Short Stories Zine

Jamie Berrout

This is a forty-page zine of my short story writing. Some of the writing consists of pieces from my previous digital book (2015), which haven't been available in print before, but the majority of it is new, unfinished fragments of speculative fiction I've written in the months since finishing that book. The protagonists of these stories are trans women who fight the metaphorical demons of racism as well as literal monsters, go on cute dates with women, seek revenge, explore their self-destructive impulses, use sex work to make a living, mock their abusive parents, and just live out their ordinary lives in different worlds.

Each purchase includes US shipping, a PDF copy of the zine that you can download, and a physical copy of the zine, which I designed, printed, and bound (by hand, with linen thread) myself.

You can read excerpts from this zine on my blog here.

Copies are available at a discounted price for trans women - please contact me at my blog or on twitter (@jamieberrout).

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Incomplete Short Stories Zine